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       Educational Toys & Games
       Baby Rattles
       Cars & Trucks
      E-CT-30131Beetle CarsIn stock$10.00
      E-CT-61131Finger Car 1, OakOut of stock$6.00
      E-CT-61301Finger Car 2, OakIn stock$6.00
      E-CT-61331Finger Car 3, OakIn stock$6.00
      E-CT-11110Pick Up Truck - PineIn stock$7.50
      E-CT-70106Race Cars, PineIn stock$6.00
      E-CT-72101Race Cars, Pine, Set of 4Out of stock$20.00
      E-CT-22201Small School BusIn stock$6.50
       Letters & Numbers
      E-LN-11104" Letters and Numbers Set of 36 - 3/4" Pine, Unfinished, Arial FontIn stock$40.00
      E-LN-18414" Letters and Numbers Set of 36 - 1/2" Blondewood, Dark Brown Finish, Arial FontIn stock$45.00
      E-LN-042601Set of 4" Letters & Numbers - 1/2" Blondewood, No Finish, ArialIn stock$40.00
      E-LN-0719237" Letters Individually - 3/4" Plywood, Primer Finished, Cooper Black FontIn stock$5.50
      E-LN-0719227" Letters Individually - 3/4" Plywood, Primer Finished, Poor Richard FontIn stock$5.50
      E-LN-0714237" Letters Individually - 1/2" MDF, Primer Finished, Cooper Black FontIn stock$4.00
       Message Boards
      E-CB-1401Chalk Board 12" x 16"Out of stock$20.00
      E-CB-9806Magnetic Push PinsIn stock$1.50
      E-CB-9807Chalk And Eraser SetIn stock$1.00
       Pegs and Jokers
      E-PJ-1000Pegs and JokersIn stock$40.00
       Pounding Bench
      E-PZ-0421Block Puzzle - 4 PiecesOut of stock$7.50
      E-PZ-0422Block Puzzle - 12 PieceIn stock$10.00
       Rhythem Sticks
       TicTacToe (3x3)
      E-33-1000Tic-Tac-Toe (3x3 ) Game BoardIn stock$7.50
      E-33GP-09RBTicTacToe Game Pieces In stock$7.50
      E-TL-1000Tea Lite CandlesIn stock$1.00
       Unit Blocks
       Furniture & Household
       Baking Dish Carriers
      FHD-BD-3114Baking Dish CarrierOut of stock$12.00
       Boxes & Crates
      F-BX-1421Small Candle Box 4" x 6" x 4" White Oak, Natural FinishOut of stock$25.00
      F-BX-142DWSmall Candle Box, 4" x 6" x 4"; White Oak, Driftwood FinishIn stock$25.00
      F-BX-142MWSmall Candle Box, 4" x 6" x 4" White Oak, Medium Walnut FinishIn stock$25.00
      F-BX-142PMSmall Candle Box 4" x 6" x 4" White Oak, Philippine Mahogany FinishOut of stock$25.00
      FHD-BX-2421Candle Box 04" x 14" x 05" White Oak, Natural FininishOut of stock$40.00
      F-BX-4421Wine Bottle Box for Single Bottle, White Oak, Natural FinishOut of stock$30.00
      F-BX-4111Wine Bottle Box for Single Bottle, Pine, Clear Lacquer FinishOut of stock$20.00
      F-BX-5421Wine Bottle Box for Two Bottles, White Oak, Natural FinishOut of stock$35.00
      F-CR-1113Wooden Crate, PineOut of stock$20.00
      F-BX-3080Wooden Storage Box 16" x 6" x 6"Out of stock$12.50
       Coming Soon
      PlantersOut of stock$40.00
       Cradles & Cribs
       Custom Furniture
      F-3n1-00013 in 1 Bed - Pine, Texas MotifOut of stock$450.00
      F-CT-01120Changing Table - Pine, Texas MotifOut of stock$400.00
      F-FL-158p1Furniture Legs, 5-1/2", Round, Full TaperIn stock$10.00
      F-FL-058p1Furniture Legs, 3-1/2", Round, Full TaperIn stock$9.00
      F-FL-188p0Furniture Legs, 5-1/2", Round, Part TaperIn stock$11.50
      F-FL-258p3 Furniture Legs, 8" Round, Full TaperIn stock$11.50
      F-FL-24a8p1 Furniture Legs, 8", Round, Part TaperIn stock$13.00
      F-FL-358p1Furniture Legs - 10"-12" Round, Full TaperIn stock$13.50
      F-FL-3831Furniture Legs - 10"-12" Round, Full Taper (1)In stock$13.50
      F-FL-108p1 Furniture Legs, Round, No TaperIn stock$9.00
      F-FL-408p7Furniture Legs, Square, No TaperIn stock$10.00
      F-FL-41a8p1Furniture Legs, 2" tall, Square, Full Taper/PyramidIn stock$10.00
      F-FL-548p3Furniture Legs, 3-1/2", Square, Part TaperIn stock$10.50
      F-FL-61a8p1Furniture Legs, 5-1/2", Square, Full Taper/PyramidIn stock$11.50
      F-FL-64a8p1Furniture Legs, 5-1/2", Square, Part TaperIn stock$11.50
      F-FL-71a8p1Furniture Legs, 8", Square, Full Taper/PyramidIn stock$13.00
      F-FL-74a8p1 (1)Furniture Legs, 8", Square, Part TaperIn stock$13.00
      F-FL-81a8p1Furniture Legs, 10" or 12" tall, Square, Full Taper/PyramidIn stock$14.50
       Cutting Boards
       Soap Holders / Trivets
      F-SD-10614Large Round Soap Dish/TrivetIn stock$6.00
      F-SD-10431Soap Holders / TrivetsOut of stock$3.00
      F-SD-10611TXTexas Soap DishIn stock$6.00
       Step Stools
      FHD-SS-1111Step Stool - 2 steps Natural FinishOut of stock$45.00
       ~~ Made To Order ~~
       Ornamental Turning
       Cutter Frames
       Crump Style
       Holtzapffel Style
       Crump Style
       Holtzapffel Style
       Other Good Stuff We Make
       Artist & Crafter Supplies
      Counter Display CaseOut of stock$35.00
      O-ZZ-0017Display RiserOut of stock$50.00
      Art PanelsIn stock$1.00
      F-PR-2110Rack for Acrylic PaintsIn stock$40.00
       Bird Houses
       Hex Signs
       Rocking Horse
      O-RH-0001Rocking HorseOut of stock$85.00
       ~~ Made To Order ~~
      E-LN-3110Wood Words (price is per letter)In stock$0.50
      O-SS-7001Custom WorkIn stock$1.00
      test-001TestIn stock$0.50
      E-LN-3000Fun LettersIn stock$0.50
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