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      Pegs and Jokers is a North American race game that can be played by four, six or eight players. The game is played with playing cards and pegs that move around a board.

      Pegs and Jokers has its origins in an Indian race game called Pachisi and was later developed into the American game, Sorry.

      Typically played with standard playing cards and a home made board, players are grouped into to teams and given five pegs.

      The object is to move all the pegs from the Start area to the Home area first. Players are to draw six cards, play a card of their choice and move their pegs according to the value of the card. The Jack, Queen, and King cards hold a value of ten while the numbered cards share the value of the number on the card. If a peg lands on an opponent's peg, the opponent's peg is required to move back to the start area. 


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      Pegs and Jokers
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