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      Five Top Reason To Choose Wooden Toys

      Five Top Reason To Choose Wooden Toys
      By: Stanley Lewis

      With so many different types of plastic toys to choose from today, why go for a wooden alternative? Plastic toys are mass produced and relatively low cost and may appear to be a wiser choice when choosing a gift for a child. However, wooden toys may end up being better value for money, as well as offering a number of other benefits. Wooden toys provide a different element to a childs play and development, and can help to promote the education and health of their children. Heres five reasons to buy a wooden toy and leave those other materials behind.

      1. Safety: In recent years, a number of plastic toys made by leading brands have been subject to recalls because these toys contained lead. Lead is a toxic substance that when ingested can cause numerous and significant health risk to a developing child. Plastic toys also contain chemicals that some experts believe can affect a child's hormones. Unfortunately, many toddlers and younger children often put these plastic toys in their mouths! Knowing they are designing their toys for children, manufactures take extra precautions when crafting wooden toys. They are manufactured from hardwoods such as pine and are smoothly sanded down to protect little hands from splinters. Wood glue is generally used rather than nails to keep children safe from injuries. Non-toxic paints and natural dyes are used to color wooden toys.

      2. Durability: Plastic toys are often cheap and easy to break. Worse yet, they can be dangerous when they tear up as small pieces tend to fall off and children can put these pieces in their mouths and choke. Cardboard based puzzles and other play items tend to tear easily and once wet lose their shape. On the other hand, wooden toys are built to last. Since they are made out of wood, they are rugged and will not be damaged or ruined by an active child that likes to throw his toys against the wall or lets them get a little wet.

      3. Development based: Plastic toys are mainly high tech gadgets that use bright colors and loud noises to distract your child but they do not focus on educating your child. Wooden blocks and puzzles teach children how to stack and sort. Other wooden toys build critical thinking, problem solving, imagination and creativity in their developing brains.

      4. Environmentally friendly: When plastic toys break or children outgrow them, they usually end up in landfills polluting the environment. Recognizing the need to create toys without harming the environment many wood toy manufacturers have begin to use sustainable wood in their toys. Using wood from trees that replenish quickly keeps down the environmental impact.

      5. Value for Money: Mass produced plastic toys can be very cheap to buy, but are not usually built to last and parents find themselves having to replace them throughout the year. This is especially true of toys with moving parts such as action figures, cars and other toy vehicles. Wooden toys


      Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

      About the Author:
      Originla article by stanley lewis for a U. K based online childrens toy store specialising in Wooden toys

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