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      Wooden Toys May Teach And Occupy Most Kids

      Traditional Wooden Toys

      By: Tamsin White

      Toys That Last For Generations: Yes They're Still Being Made!

      Toys That Last For Generations: Yes They're Still Being Made!
      By: Lily Morgan

      Today's offerings of plasticized bins and furniture aren't ones that you'll likely want to save to pass down through generations. Most of them are cheaply made and break or crack, and others fade from the sun or parts go missing, thanks to low-cost home-assembly kits. Nothing seems to be anything of long-lasting value or charm, and there isn't much that looks like it might become something your son or daughter would treasure as years pass on.

      There are still keepsakes that your child may enjoy now and that will become memorabilia to store away. It's wonderful to pull out a small chair or a rocking horse that you can hand down to a new youngster when your son or daughter has children. Carefully crafted classic toys or small items of furniture make wonderful gifts for grandchildren. If your adult child decides to not have children, your son or daughter might still be touched and appreciate that you set aside a beloved item they can set on display in their homes.

      Wooden toys offer long-lasting durability that withstands the banging, throwing, and chewing most toddlers will put their toys through. Most wooden toys today are carefully handcrafted for strength, as they have a reputation of being a "classic favorite" to maintain. Trains and trucks will provide hours of imaginative fun for boys, and when your son is grown, the vehicles can be easily integrated into a bachelor's dcor or given to your grandson.

      Young girls enjoy the creative hours they spend rearranging dollhouses, and choosing one that is beautiful yet functional is a wise decision. Dollhouses, just like wooden toys, can turn into treasures on proud display in an adult home. Not only that, dollhouses are involved in the hobby of miniature collectibles, and many adults continue their charming childhood pastime well into their senior years.

      Furniture makes for wonderful items to pass down over the years. Cribs used to be treasured items to hold new babies, but with safety recommendations often changing, parents are looking for other objects that will be loved for generations. A small wooden chair or chair-and-table set can be just the thing for lasting memories. Their durability and small size are perfect for passing on to other children you care for.

      Those who enjoy antiques might appreciate the nostalgic idea of the beginning of something very special. A wooden toy box, painted with a special design, may look just right in a toddler's room, and the toy box will last until the child is grown with a son of his own. A whimsical chair decorated with a flower on the seat, might be charming tucked in a corner of either a little girl's room or a grown woman's sun porch. It's heartwarming to wonder how many offspring will love child-sized furniture thanks to your thoughtful gift.

      Well-crafted toys and scaled down furniture solidly built will last forever. These items will have a special place in both your heart, as well as someone else's. Taking the time to choose items for children that will hold sentimental value later on in life and that are beautiful enough to be put on display in a home isn't just an idea it's a thought that comes straight from the heart.


      Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

      Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic Toys For Children.

      Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic Toys For Children.
      By: Ross Tanner

      Are wooden toys betters than plastic? In order to answer this question we would need to define better. I have to admit to being biased towards wood so Ive been pondering why this is the case.

      When it comes to your children, nothing's too good for them, although some things are certainly too good to be true. These days, literally well over 99 percent of the toys offered for sale to your children are made of plastic and metal. Natural wood toys are nearly non-existent. That's sad really. They're an important part of our heritage and culture, and chances are they're safer than plastic toys as well.

      How many times have we been told that a plastic or painted toy is safe, only to see it recalled or find out it has lead in the paint or plastic body or is unsafe for any number of other reasons? This holds especially true for very small children and babies. These little ones will be putting whatever they play with in their mouths, and plastics, painted toys and metals probably aren't high on the list of things you want in your baby's mouth.

      If we are considering the environment and the ultimate destination for many toys (which is landfill) then wood is clearly the better material. If we are thinking about robustness and the resilience of the material to the treatment that toys receive at the hands of their owners then both materials can perform well, depending upon the toy.

      When it comes to plastic toys and wooden toys, there is more of a chance that plastic toys will be purchased. However, consumers don't seem to consider buying a wooden toy for their kid instead. In a few ways, it would be more worth the while to get.

      Let's think of a few differences between the two. Plastic toys: they can break easily and the edges could harm the little children. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are more durable. If you were to stand on a toy truck made of plastic, there is a great chance that it will break, possibly leaving sharp edges that could cut your child; and be fit only for the rubbish.

      Wooden toys on the other hand encourage your kids to use their creativity, when either they make the toys themselves or play with them. Simple activities such as making cookies at their own toy kitchen, or riding a wooden Arabian horse and so on, boost a childs creativity and visualization.

      You probably wonder why parents opt to offer their children the common wooden type of toys instead of the cheaper plastic toys commonly produced in China. Many consider that having plastic toys is more practical than wooden toys because of the cost factor. Although plastic toys are cheaper compared to wooden toys, long term consideration proves that the latter is better than the former.

      Wood is a natural made material which can be subjected to recycling. This means that aside from providing entertainment for your child, you can also pro actively help in preventing further degradation of the environment. Moreover, children appear to be more attached to playing with wooden toys.

      Play is an essential part of a child's learning and emotional development. Wooden toys are a sensible choice for the very young. Children's wooden toys include toys such as miniature farm animals sets for infants and doll houses for young girls and boys. Many wooden toys are also educational toys for young school children, such as puzzles, building blocks, and more.

      Wooden toys are also more durable than their plastic or metal counterparts. Thus with proper care, it is possible to make these toys last a child's entire childhood and maybe even hand them down to their children.

      How are wooden toys invented? Wooden toys are invented because wood is the only easily available materials where one can make toys from with simple tools. Sad to speak, it's hard to find wooden toys in toy stores these days.

      Online toy stores offer a wide variety of wooden toys to choose from. And sometimes, it's easier to find what you want because modern toy stores these days mostly sell plastic toys.

      Have you ever seen a child in a room full of the latest toys and found the child to be playing with old fashioned childrens wooden toys that were a big hit when you were young? What is it about this sight that is so comforting? Is it because the childs wooden toy makes us feel nostalgic or is there something else at play here? In our world of plastic throw-away goods it is comforting to see lasting goods lasting. It is especially comforting to see goods which are felt to be worthy enough to be passed on from generation to generation. The latest gadget on the latest toy has not made traditional childrens wooden toys any less desirable to children, or even to adults for that matter.

      Childrens wooden toys are toys which are made using a natural product as opposed to a product like plastic which is a product that we are trying to recycle but nevertheless remains a product which costs less to produce new than to recycle. If a childs wooden toy is made from a sustainable forest thats even better as it is actually helping out our troubled environment. This is only one of the reasons we feel better towards wood than towards plastic. There are also many emotional reasons why wooden toys feel better.

      To touch and explore is often considered as one of the most important aspects of most educational programs that help a child develop different capabilities. Letting your kids play with wooden toys would unmistakably encourage them to learn by touching and exploring. Moreover, you could even purchase wooden toys and games specially meant to educate the kids.

      Plastic toys come in all shapes and sizes so there are bound to be lots of brightly coloured playthings that attract the attention of your child, no matter how old they are. They are durable, washable and usually pretty safe, but as with all toys there are toy safety checks to watch out for when you are buying the perfect toy for your child.

      The most important toy safety check for all toys, including plastic toys, is that they have the appropriate safety marks. Although the CE Mark is not in fact a consumer symbol, it does mean that the toy you are looking for will have passed stringent safety tests and conform with a list of essential safety requirements. If any plastic toys that you are thinking of buying dont have the CE Mark, you should avoid them because you cant be sure whether they will be safe for your child to play with.


      Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com


      Having Fun And Learning The Traditional Way

      Having Fun And Learning The Traditional Way
      By: lazy


      When we think of buying toys for our children, we often think to buy them the toys that are going to be fun and exciting. These are toys with lots of moveable parts, high-tech graphics and other high-tech innovations, but there is something to be said about the old type of educational toy; the traditional toys.

      Traditional educational toys are the toys that are sometimes made of wood, have very few moveable parts, but serve a purpose in teaching children about the world around them. From science toys to board games to flash cards and more, you will be able to find every kind of educational toy that you are looking for when you visit Junior 2 Senior, one of the top suppliers of traditional educational toys in the United Kingdom.

      Educational toys are important in the development of a child. When children are young, their minds are like sponges and they absorb vast amounts of information quickly and easily. With Junior 2 Senior, you are getting a traditional toy supplier that knows that old types of toys are often the best, especially in terms of educational toys. Currently, most educational toys feature graphics and high-tech innovations that make learning, apparently, more fun. However, there is something to be said about education toys, the traditional kind, that teach children about numbers, letters and the world around them through simple to understand games and puzzles that make learning fun.

      Junior 2 Senior is a family run business that is based out of Cambridge, England, who specialize in selling traditional toys that help bring their customers back to a time before video games and computers. From planes and trains to board games and doll houses, they provide only traditional toys that cannot be found in many other places in the United Kingdom.

      Even if you are not in the United Kingdom, you can still benefit from the immense supply of traditional toys that Junior 2 Senior has to offer. With world-wide service that allows every order to be handled quickly, you can have your education toys for your children in no time at all.
      If you are looking for traditional educational toys to help your child learn about the way things were before the digital revolution, then there is no place better to get those educational toys than through Junior 2 Senior, a leading traditional toy supplier in the United Kingdom, and around the world.


      Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

      About the Author:
      The company began life as an online shop that has been going from strength to strength and perfectly complements their new store in the heart of the city. t is a family run business and the owners are Nigel and Deborah Senior. You can contact us at: Junior to Senior, 29 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JX. Our Shop telephone is 01223 305533 and evening telephone is 01354 610616. You can also contact us via email info@junior2senior.co.uk


      Toys For Toddlers - Playthings For The Terrible Twos

      Toys For Toddlers - Playthings For The Terrible Twos
      By: Hnomseo Grade


      The standard definition of a toddler is that of an infant now attempting to walk. Know as the "terrible twos", this is typically between the ages or twelve months to two years old. However the term has been applied up to children ages one to three years. Selecting toys for toddlers can be a fun task, as there are so many options to choose from. Since development changes progress quickly during the toddler stages, the child's interests can fluctuate. The toy they couldn't part with several months ago may now be sitting in a corner collecting dust. To keep the toddler's interest, a plaything that is bright and colorful and makes noise is a plus. A good toy selection is one that is used with their new found mobility.

      There are a myriad of toys for toddlers that assist with their new upright position. Stationary playthings that they can grab and hold onto will help them develop their ability to stand. These will also assist with balance development as they inch their way around the object. A good example is a workbench or kitchen appliance toy. Since toddlers begin to mimic adult activity and behaviors, these directly relate to the parent's world. Ensure that the free standing toy you buy is safe, sturdy and rated for a toddler's use. Typically these items are of wood or plastic construction.

      Another great selection for the child is toys for toddlers that assist or enable mobility. The toddler can use the object for balance while on the go. The addition of sound in the plaything just enhances the toddler's mobile experience. A toy vacuum or a doll stroller can provide that little something to hold onto while exploring their world. The traditional "walker popper" with its bright balls and popping noises has long been a favorite of toddlers worldwide.

      Walking is not the only skill that develops during the toddler years. Dexterity and hand-eye coordination progress rapidly during this period. Toys for toddlers that assist in honing these skills are entertaining and promote development. Select playthings that involve connecting bright colored objects, such as large snap beads or building blocks. Another superlative choice is a toy where shapes are fitted into matching slots or holes. Large piece puzzles on a cut-out tray will also promote coordination and dexterity. Play toys that require a "screwing" motion instead of just a "placing" motion are great for toddlers who have attained a higher level of hand-eye coordination.

      For a toddler with new found mobility, every experience is educational, providing new insights to their world. Selecting toys for toddlers that compliment this stage in their development is always appropriate. It cannot be emphasized enough, however, that the child's safety is tantamount. Verify the playthings age rating prior to making your purchase. As long as you have chosen a toy that fits well with the toddler's stage in development, the child will be pleased. Providing playthings that occupy the child's attention while assisting in their development can help make the twos less terrible.


      Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

      About the Author:
      Find Your Favorite Online Toys Store at Baby Learning Toys and Toddler Toys For Special Discount.


      Five Top Reason To Choose Wooden Toys

      Five Top Reason To Choose Wooden Toys
      By: Stanley Lewis

      With so many different types of plastic toys to choose from today, why go for a wooden alternative? Plastic toys are mass produced and relatively low cost and may appear to be a wiser choice when choosing a gift for a child. However, wooden toys may end up being better value for money, as well as offering a number of other benefits. Wooden toys provide a different element to a childs play and development, and can help to promote the education and health of their children. Heres five reasons to buy a wooden toy and leave those other materials behind.

      1. Safety: In recent years, a number of plastic toys made by leading brands have been subject to recalls because these toys contained lead. Lead is a toxic substance that when ingested can cause numerous and significant health risk to a developing child. Plastic toys also contain chemicals that some experts believe can affect a child's hormones. Unfortunately, many toddlers and younger children often put these plastic toys in their mouths! Knowing they are designing their toys for children, manufactures take extra precautions when crafting wooden toys. They are manufactured from hardwoods such as pine and are smoothly sanded down to protect little hands from splinters. Wood glue is generally used rather than nails to keep children safe from injuries. Non-toxic paints and natural dyes are used to color wooden toys.

      2. Durability: Plastic toys are often cheap and easy to break. Worse yet, they can be dangerous when they tear up as small pieces tend to fall off and children can put these pieces in their mouths and choke. Cardboard based puzzles and other play items tend to tear easily and once wet lose their shape. On the other hand, wooden toys are built to last. Since they are made out of wood, they are rugged and will not be damaged or ruined by an active child that likes to throw his toys against the wall or lets them get a little wet.

      3. Development based: Plastic toys are mainly high tech gadgets that use bright colors and loud noises to distract your child but they do not focus on educating your child. Wooden blocks and puzzles teach children how to stack and sort. Other wooden toys build critical thinking, problem solving, imagination and creativity in their developing brains.

      4. Environmentally friendly: When plastic toys break or children outgrow them, they usually end up in landfills polluting the environment. Recognizing the need to create toys without harming the environment many wood toy manufacturers have begin to use sustainable wood in their toys. Using wood from trees that replenish quickly keeps down the environmental impact.

      5. Value for Money: Mass produced plastic toys can be very cheap to buy, but are not usually built to last and parents find themselves having to replace them throughout the year. This is especially true of toys with moving parts such as action figures, cars and other toy vehicles. Wooden toys


      Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

      About the Author:
      Originla article by stanley lewis for a U. K based online childrens toy store specialising in Wooden toys

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